Meeting Joaquin Bacardi in Puerto Rico

I leave the hotel and turn left into Santo Christo Street. At the Cathedral I turn right and follow the Caleta de San Juan towards the city wall. When I exit the other side of the walls, the view over the bay is superb.

San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, was founded in 1521 by Juan Ponce de León, who named it ‘City of Puerto Rico’, or ‘rich port’. In the early 16th century, the city Spanish expeditions left from here on their journeys to unknown parts of the New World.

I take a picture of the El Morro fort at the entrance of the bay, which repulsed English explorer Sir Francis Drake in 1595.

San Juan by CoolTravel

 I continue walking, following the wall towards the port, which was the Caribbean centre of trade for centuries. Even today it is the busiest port in the region.

I point my camera towards the other side of the bay and scan the coastline. I stop as I see two wind turbines appear in my screen. I zoom in. “There it is,” I say to myself. “The largest rum distillery in the world!”

“Say hello to Casa Bacardi,” I say to my camera, while I release the shutter.

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CoolBrands People - Joaquin Bacardi


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